BAFTA nominated graphic designer launches wallpaper range

For Herstmonceux graphic designers much of what they do is on a small scale – prints, invites or business logos.

Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 2:59 pm
Wallpaper images pictures: WallSauce

Katy Clemmans started her career in TV on a graduate scheme with the BBC, now as a freelance artist her work includes home decor.

“With the wallpaper designs because of the size you have to be mindful of the finer details as it is on such a large scale and people will get up close to it,” she says.

“It has been brilliant to see my designs on this scale and it has opened up interesting avenues for me.”

Katy Clemmans picture: Lesley Burdey Photography

Katy graduated from university with a degree in graphic design in 2000, and got a job with the BBC on its graduate scheme straight away.

“I started work on animation for TV programmes,” she explains.

“It was mainly channel branding so the bits in between the programmes. I also worked on trailers for Strictly Come Dancing.

“Before I left I also did the Christmas BBC One indents with the Christmas trees. I have also done work for channels Dave and GOLD.

Wallpaper images pictures: WallSauce

“I did this for a number of years but in 2015 I moved to Sussex and had my daughter and the commute just didn’t work for my family life so I decided to hand in my notice and go freelance.”

Now Katy’s work includes stationery, typography, illustration, logo design, and branding.

“It is so varied,” she smiles. “Every day I wake up to so many interesting emails in my inbox.

“I love the freedom that being freelance gives me. I could be doing a logo design one day, working on an animation for an advert the next and then add to my wallpaper designs.”

Wallpaper images pictures: WallSauce

The work with Wallsauce came through social media.

“I saw they were running a competition for designers to have their designs on wallpaper,” she reveals.

“The winner was through a popularity vote and although I didn’t win, Wallsauce liked my design so much they asked me to create a collection.

“I became one of their licensed artists and have created about six to eight designs but they are happy for me to add to it which is great.”

Katy uses iPad pro to produce digital watercolours for the wallpaper, she also uses lino cuts which she inputs into the computer and fine tunes digitally.

Having always been creative Katy studied art at school but preferred the graphic side to painting and fine art. After completing a BTEC she went on to university.

“The course was very broad which meant I covered lots of different subjects such as typography so it meant I could sample different areas.

“Graphic design is a fascinating industry.

“I loved working at the BBC and still do TV bits but it is great now.

“Ten years ago I wouldn’t have been able to work from my home in Hurstpierpoint, but would have had to still commute to London.

“Being able to work online gives me the freedom to do so much more for people all over the world. You don’t have to work in an office, you can work anywhere so being entrepreneurial is a lot easier now I think.”

Katy also sells prints and personalied items through Not On The High Street.

For more information, visit Wallsauce, www.wallsauce.comKaty Clemmans picture: Lesley Burdey Photography

Wallpaper images – pictures: WallSauce –