Community space needed

Latest research released by Play England reveals that a lack of dedicated community space impedes a child’s opportunities to play outdoors, as well as demonstrating that outdoor play has the capacity to bring communities together.

Kilnwood Vale.
Kilnwood Vale.

Forty per cent of the adults surveyed said that children playing outside improves community spirit, and almost half believe that it helps families to get to know each other, essentially fostering community cohesion.

It is clear therefore that the importance of developments with communal areas has never been more apparent.

Kilnwood Vale near Faygate is a prime example of award-winning developer Crest Nicholson’s commitment to creating developments with well-designed communal outdoor space at their heart. On completion, the development will boast the infrastructure to cultivate enduring communities, with a children’s play park at its core, an attractive village green, as well as a library, sports pavilion, healthcare centre and primary school. However, the means with which to build a community at Kilnwood Vale does not end there

Kilnwood Vale is also in easy proximity to the amenities of Faygate and Crawley, providing the ultimate backdrop against which the local population can thrive.

Christine Tiernan, Sales & Marketing Director, Crest Nicholson South, commented: “A fundamental part of the design process when devising a new development is ensuring that the mix of homes, the layout of the streets and the on-site facilities are appropriate to the location and the scale of the development to ensure that a cohesive community can be nurtured.

“The siting of Kilnwood Vales allows residents to benefit from the existing community in Faygate whilst also becoming part of a burgeoning new community.

Equally, the layout of the development has been devised to engender a sense of community, with the play area at it heart. As residents move in it’s a joy to see a happy new community developing making most of their new life here.”

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