Flower crowns and stunning plants - your chance to take part in Garden Day

Gardening is growing on us with more than three million people taking up the pastime during lockdown.

Take part in Garden Day SUS-210505-121434003
Take part in Garden Day SUS-210505-121434003

It is now time to celebrate our green spaces – from manicured lawns and borders to a blooming window box – and the happiness they bring us all.

Spring is in full bloom and Garden Day – a nationwide project which aims to inspire and bond the British people – is on Sunday May 9.

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It is a great opportunity to celebrate the return of spring and reconnect with loved ones and family in gardens and green spaces, thanks to the easing of the lockdown restrictions.

It is easy to take part – just invite family, friends and neighbours in to share your back garden, patio or admire a pot plant.

Down your garden tools as the only work allowed is: make flower crowns, the symbol of Garden Day!

You will be in great company. Join Lisa Snowdon, Rachel de Thame, Laura Bailey, Kelly Brook, Arthur Parkinson, Dr Alex George, Nikki Tibbles, Hazel Gardiner as they down tools and pop on a flower crown in celebration of the little havens they have created.

Garden Day, created by Candide Gardening – the website which encourages everyone to break new ground in the garden – celebrates the life-enhancing power of garden spaces with a flower-filled day.

Sue Stuart-Smith, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and author of The Well Gardened Mind said: “Although the crisis we are living through may be new, there is nothing new in this effect, for throughout the ages gardens have offered people a safe green space in which to restore and recharge themselves.

“Garden Day invites you to take a pause to do just that. It’s about making time to immerse ourselves in the peacefulness and beauty of our plants and gardens and celebrating the restorative power of nature.”

Lisa Snowden said she was supporting Garden Day ‘because I realise the power of being outside in nature surrounded by living, beautiful things and how that makes me feel’.

She said: “It can lift my mood, it can calm me down, it makes me more mindful and gives me peace and tranquillity.

“I love to go barefoot on the grass. I like to look around, see what’s growing. Picking tomatoes and raspberries and other edibles in the garden is one of my favourite things to do. My flower crown was a cacophony of colour!

I felt rather grand and I felt like the queen of the flower fairies - it’s so colourful and artistic.

“It’s a beautiful thing, that something so simple can still have that effect. They bring a smile to people’s faces, and make you feel pretty.”

Government health advice applicable on Sunday May 9 in England: outdoor gatherings, including in private gardens, allowed as follows: either maximum of six people● or any number of people belonging to no more than two households.

Rules vary in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.