Fox & Sons ready for mortgage changes

In the wake of new regulation on the way mortgages are assessed by lenders and media hype that it will now take weeks to get a mortgage appointment, local estate agency Fox & Sons in Bexhill is reassuring customers it is ready and has qualified mortgage consultants in all its branches who are taking appointments straight away.

Fox & Sons at bexhill SUS-140513-112510001
Fox & Sons at bexhill SUS-140513-112510001

Indeed, Fox & Sons says that despite reports of 
longer mortgage consultations and a delay in the availability of appointments, there will be no disruption to its in-house mortgage services.

Mortgage Consultant Steven Cook was fully trained on the changes outlined in the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) weeks in advance of its launch and has already been advising customers under the new guidelines for some time.

“We have been preparing for the launch of new mortgage regulation for some time and are now advising customers based on the reforms that have been put in place,” says Steven.

“Despite all the doom and gloom around the changes and talk of waiting weeks to get a mortgage appointment, I would like to reassure customers that we have mortgage appointments available today so home buyers will not have to wait for weeks to use our service.”

According to the local agent, applying for a mortgage will now require a greater level of input from customers, but this is in 
the interests of making 
sure buyers can afford their loans should interest 
rates increase.

“We are very positive on the changes which we do not think will impede buyers ability to get a mortgage they can afford,” Steven continues.

Fox & Sons welcomes the changes in the new mortgage regulation which should help to ensure home loans are affordable in the longer term.

As part of its parent company Sequence, all of Fox & Son’s Mortgage Services Consultants have undergone rigorous training and preparation so they are fully compliant with the recommendations in MMR.

If you have a property to sell and would like to book a free market appraisal with Fox & Sons, contact the branch on 01424 224243 or email: [email protected]