The unique houseboat that gives you a chance to slow down and live La Dolce Vita

Who can say they actually enjoy abiding by structure and routine?

Enjoy tranquil living on a houseboat
Enjoy tranquil living on a houseboat

Maybe you’re more of a free spirit, carefree and someone who likes to feel away from the hustle and bustle of the world and a little closer to nature.

Let’s swap the beeping of a key fob unlocking the car, ready for the drive to work, and the sound of tyres against Tarmac.

Instead, wake up to the peace and tranquillity of the river. Even if it’s just for a weekend.

A house on the water can provide just this. Spacious, purpose-built and new throughout, this houseboat comes equipped with a pre-lit suspended deck, outside seating and double-glazed windows throughout.

Situated in Old Windsor, this unique little gem is going under the hammer in Connect UK’s August auction.

Would you reside here? Or would this potential buy be better suited as a holiday rental? Either way, with an attractive guide price of just £90,000, ‘La Dolce Vita’, which translates as ‘The Sweet Life,’ could be yours.

With flights extremely limited and most holidays out of the the window for the foreseeable, this little investment is sure to prove enticing.

As a fellow river resident said: ‘You know that sense when you wake up and open up your tent when you go camping and the entire world is right there in front of you? I feel like that on my houseboat. I feel connected to the world in a way I didn’t feel in most houses.’

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