This weather is crazy, Chipsters!

I’M CONFUSED, Chipsters.

West Wittering beach ENGSUS00120120820161905
West Wittering beach ENGSUS00120120820161905

My mum took me to the seaside on Saturday as it was the first weekend of the summer holidays (yippee!) and it was great – it was so hot and it felt like we were in another country.

We made sandcastles and swam in the sea – I even found a crab!

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I did get very sunburnt, though, which hurt a lot.

Mum had tried to make me put some sun cream on, but I kept running away and jumping in the sea and before I knew it my skin had turned red like a tomato.

It’s definitely summer, isn’t it? It’s August 1 tomorrow – the best month of the year as I can play as much as I like – and I have so many exciting things planned.

But this week I saw all the pictures on the TV of some very scary weather.

Thunder, lightning, rain – so much water everywhere.

I definitely don’t need suntan cream in that weather!

So here’s why I’m confused: Is it summer or not?

I’ve got so many cool things to do this month.

I’m going to an adventure park soon, I’m going back to the beach and I’m going to explore some of the woods near where I live with some friends.

We’re going to build a den that we can visit all through the summer.

But now I don’t know what to do?

Should I wear my shorts or should I wear my big red waterproof coat? Should I wear sandals or wellies?

And just what should I do about the suntan?

Please let me know anyone if you’ve any idea what I should wear?

Should I mix things up like sunglasses and an umbrella, or even shorts and gloves?

Please let me know.

Chip chip for now!