How things have changed – or not – over the years

Old White Rails 1895.
Old White Rails 1895.
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Uckfield photographer Ron Hill and the town’s regeneration partnership co-ordinator Barrie Knights got their heads together two years ago to put together a photographic record of Uckfield then and now.

They found old postcards and vintage pictures taken from various spots in and around the town. Then Ron took his life in his hands by standing (frequently in the middle of the road) in the same spot to take a current photograph.

Amazingly, the pictures show that very little of great substance has changed.

Barrie sadly died before the project could be completed but all the photographs, both ancient and modern, remain.

Here is just a taste of them.

We’d love to hear from any readers who remember the ‘before’ shots.

Perhaps you lived there at the time and might even be able to date one or two, possibly from the cars parked along the street?

Do email us at and we’ll be happy to publish your reminiscences.