In the flesh - Pink Floyd tribute band ‘absolutely brilliant’

ABSOLUTELY brilliant.

These were the words exclaimed by delighted audience members as the curtain went down on Pink Floyd tribute band, In the Flesh, at the Theatre Royal in Brighton on Thursday night.

For the show was incredible, I can’t find the words to praise it high enough.

Being a bit of a Pink Floyd novice, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

But I was blown away by the talent of In the Flesh - with the clever political messages they carefully wound around the lyrics, and their own take on the the band’s famous light shows.

Chris Thomas, on vocals, had a voice to die for. Obviously not quite David Gilmore, but I watched in amazement as he managed to blast out his powerful rock voice while playing two pianos and strumming the guitar.

Talking of guitars, lead guitarist Steve Loar. Wow. Now that’s how to play a guitar.

He has to be the star of the show. There was not a note out of place. I was actually sitting with my mouth hanging open in awe, which was a little embarrassing I must admit.

I also want to take a moment to talk about backing singer Polly Anna Davies. This girl has the most incredible voice I have ever heard.

Hailing from the South West, it was the bands first time performing in Brighton and they treated the audience to all the classics from albums We wish you were here and Dark side of the moon.

My favourite song, surprisingly was Fat old sun from album Atom heart mother. It was in a word beautiful.

Running alongside the wonderful music, in true Pink Floyd style, the stage had a screen where clips and pictures flashed up.

I was particularly impressed with how the band managed to relate lyrics written in the 60s and 70s to current political strains.

Money, on famous album Dark side of the moon, saw clips of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

There was a particularly funny moment when a picture of Cameron and Clegg flashed up followed by one of Ant and Dec. No need to explain the connotations there.

They also included more poignant messages about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars showing pictures of soldiers – it was a show that hit a nerve and really made you think.

I really liked the down to earth nature of the band, they chatted away, didn’t pretend to be something they are not, and gave everyone a darn good show.

They left classics such as Another brick in the wall and Comfortably numb right to the end getting people dancing in their seats, clapping to the beat and singing along.

It’s a real shame the show was for one night only. I am begging In the flesh to return to the Theatre Royal Brighton as soon as possible so more can enjoy this for themselves.

I also want to give the Theatre Royal a clap on the back, for offering a new and diverse array of shows and productions to audiences.

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