It’s a funny old game, Amigo

One Mayor of Lewes, Ald C. D. Crisp, was a notable figure in the world of football referees. He once told an assembled crowd of his adventures taking a Chelsea team on a ‘friendly’ tour of South America in 1929.

Football there at that time could be a dangerous business. The teams played on grounds enclosed by 12ft high barbed wire fences.

At one match Chelsea, having been warned by the police commissioner not to score, had the temerity to do just that.

Thereupon, revolvers went off, the pitch was strewn with oranges and mounted police arrived on the field of battle.

Later, when the game resumed, Chelsea players were put off their stride by dazzling sun reflections directed at them by the crowd behind the goal armed with mirrors.

To complete an eventful day, the Chelsea team found the tyres of their coach had been slashed. They had to be rescured by a naval party in taxis.