Judges at the gymkhana

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013

Mavis Clark, parish pumper for Cooksbridge, Offham and Hamsey, sent in this charming photograph of judges at a children’s pony club gymkhana in the peaceful village of Iford, near Lewes.

The picture was taken in the village’s rectory field on September 16, 1935.

The three judges - Messrs G Leonard, T Downman and G Bloxsome - are setting a fine example to the children. Two are puffing furiously on cigarettes. The other is in the process of lighting a pipe!

* Wartime left its mark, literally, on Iford and gave one little girl a day of excitement.

Now Mrs Dorri Stevens, she was having lunch at granny’s cottage in 1942 when a German fighter plane started to open fire on the village.

Dorri and grandma scrambled under the kitchen table and when the Messerschmitt had passed over they went out to inspect the damage. A bullet had punched a hole through the weathervane of the church and the evidence of that day, is kept inside the building.