Lambs, Sloops beer and a fall

FROM the pages of the Sussex Weekly Advertiser, printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee, July, 1816:

l St John’s Fair [in Lewes] on Friday was tolerably well supplied with lambs, but they met a very dull sale at from 3s to 11s each.

l Lewes Races for 1816 will be on the 7th, 8th and 9th of August next.

Viscount Gage and F. Scawen Blunt esq. are stewards.

l On Thursday last a very fine Sloop was launched from the yard of Mr James Duly of Newhaven. She is called the Liberty and is considered the handsomest vessel ever built at that place.

l Our Theatre [at Lewes] we understand will soon be opened for a short season under the management of Mr John Brunton who, from his long theatrical experience, it is not to be doubted, will engage a respectable company of performers.

l The war tax on Malt has at length expired, and our brewers, in consequence, have lowered the price of their strong beer, six shillings the hogshead.

l On Saturday, a little boy had the misfortune to fall from a wall in White Lion Lane [Lewes] by which accident one of his arms was fractured.