Lost treasure found near Lewes

Part of a Middle Bronze Age hoard.
Part of a Middle Bronze Age hoard.

ARCHAEOLOGY is a funny old subject. Some exciting finds are made in East Sussex soil but the news rarely sees the light of day in the press.

Rouser is glad to set the record straight, thanks to the finds liaison officer of the Sussex Archaeological Society, Stephanie Smith, writing currently in the society’s journal Sussex Past and Present.

She says: ‘I am delighted to mention the discovery near Lewes of a Middle Bronze Age hoard (c. 1,500 –1,100 BC). It consists of a large earthenware vessel filled with purposefully broken items of adornment and three palstave axes.

‘Among the assemblage, items of great local importance, such as a Sussex loop bracelet [pictured], are deposited with rare items imported from the Baltic, France and Germany.

‘Careful recovery of the hoard and subsequent excavations will help archaeologists better understand the people and landscape of Sussex more than 3,000 years ago.’

A portion of the hoard has been been on display at the British Museum. The Barbican House Museum in Lewes hopes eventually to acquire the hoard and will be raising funds for that purpose.

Rouser wishes the Museum all luck.