Love beauty? Think vegan

Kate Collier heads to Brighton to talk vegan skincare.

Cecelina Photography
Cecelina Photography

As a lover of organic beauty and discovering new products manufactured by innovative beauty companies, finding out about Jessica Michael’s new ‘organic goji goddess nutrient mist’ caught my attention.

Jessica, owner of rawgaia; a Brighton based company which develops vegan and 100 per cent natural beauty products, has established a brand-new item which not only promises to give you goddess-like skin but, is naturally sourced and void of any nasty chemicals.

The product, designed and rendered appropriate for every skin type is made from the goji berry, amongst other key natural ingredients and oils; like lavender, chamomile, palmarosa and rose. With Jessica emphasising that the product itself is ‘designed to tone and tighten your skin, bring the pH level back to normal after cleansing and prepare your skin with just enough moisture for using raw, organic superfood moisturisers’ with the product further ensuring to leave skin feeling ‘refreshed, rejuvenated and conditioned’.

Cecelina Photography

“I wanted to create something that uses the magic and wonder of mother nature and all that she provides to feed the skin and nourish each and every cell with nutritious goji berry goodness.” Jessica explains.

“After curing my debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a teenager with a raw, vegan, superfood diet, I’ve had a strong connection with the healing effects of nature.”

Jessica has since used this connection with nature to establish her own beauty company, creating products which are quick to apply and effective to use.

As she recalls that her own inspirations stemmed from her time working as part of Jo Malone’s beauty brand.

Cecelina Photography

“I got an insight into what a successful skincare brand looked like and found the experience of working with the Jo Malone team and being a part of their Cacao launch an incredibly inspiring and rewarding experience,” she reveals.

The organic goji goddess nutrient mist has since been introduced as part of a wider collection; paired with a superfood cleanser and beauty balm.

Jessica developed the additional toner mist for on-the-go beauty lovers, explaining that ‘toners are something that a lot of busy people tend to skip, but they are a great and essential part of caring for your skin’.

As well as added skincare benefits, Jessica reveals that the mist is packaged in ‘a handy size to fit into your handbag to freshen your face up throughout the day and is particularly great for the warmer summer months when complexions need a bit of a hydration hit’.

With the weather warming up and summer arriving, rawgaia’s newest product is a handy item to have in your makeup and skincare kits.

But, this new skincare mist is just one of the new additions for the brand.

“I am constantly creating, making and trying out new things,” she says.

“Many of them don’t make it onto the market though, as there are just too many of them.

“But we have more raw, organic superfood skincare in the pipeline that will launch in the not too distant future.

“We are just about to launch a high-performance ‘hemp glow’ collection crammed full of nourishing essential oils and floral waters.’’

As part of the success of her business, Jessica reveals her plans for the future.

“Our goals are to continue rapidly growing, evolving and expanding and to continue embracing all of the beautiful, wondrous new challenges that come with running a successful brand whilst also being a single working mummy of two,” she says.

“We recently launched into Wholefoods Market nationwide which was a fantastic achievement for us as we hand-make nearly all the products which takes a lot of hard work.

“I work with a great and dedicated team who are all just as passionate and enthusiastic about raw, organic superfood skincare as me.”

rawgaia is registered as part of the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International, with production being run by Jessica Laura Organics Ltd. All products are cold pressed and extracted in its naturalist, botanical form, and because each of Rawgaia’s products is made as organically as possible, each item has a 12-month expiration date.

All Jessica’s products are available from Whole Foods Market stores and also from

Picture: Cecelina Photography

This first featured in the May edition of etc Magazine pick up your copy now.