Madness frontman in new show at Theatre Royal Brighton

Who is Suggs?

It’s a good question. And one he’s keen on knowing the answer to himself: he recently turned fifty; his daughters have grown up and left home, and his cat has just died.

These recent life-shattering events have made Suggs look back at his life and re-evaluate his childhood. Lucky for us he has chosen to take us along for the ride and reminisce in a brand new show coming to the Theatre Royal Brighton this month.

Live Suggs is his first solo show, a stand up memoir, that hands the audience an access-all-areas pass to the backstage windmills of the Madness front man’s mind, as he attempts to unravel the unsolved mysteries of his life, while going in search of the father he never knew. On his way, he takes the audience on the emotional rollercoaster of his incredible thirty-year career, with occasional musical accompaniment and pointless interjections from his loyal pianist-cum-manservant. Graham ‘Suggs’ Mcpherson was catapulted to fame at the age of eighteen, from a tough childhood on the streets of London.

By the age of twenty three it looked like the dream was over as the band began to disintegrate, culminating in a visit to a cash machine which didn’t want to know him any more, and referred him back to his branch. After the split, Suggs, newly wed and with two small children, set about rebuilding his career through music production, solo albums, television, theatre, film and radio. In Live Suggs he seeks out the truth about his family history as he takes the audience through tribal teenage gangland London of the 1970s, and the bohemian, dissolute, Soho streets he was brought up on. Flap along with teenage Suggs as he chases an enemy, as yet unseen, out of the Chelsea Shed only to be chased straight back in again. Join him as he discovers the joy of the straight-legged trouser, Punk, Ska, Two Tone, and then, as he takes One Step Beyond into a career with the biggest selling band of the 1980s. In 1992 the band’s reunion Madstock concert in Finsbury Park catapulted Suggs back into the limelight. Since then, Suggs and Madness have eased themselves back into the business, making rave review albums and performing again to hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. For this show, Suggs will be appearing in front of a rather more intimate audience, but the show will capture in witty memoir the same humour, spirit and genial madness that make him and his band so enticing, live.

Suggs will appear at the Theatre Royal Brighton on Tuesday May 31 at 7:45pm.

Tickets are priced between £24.50 and £28.50 from the box office on 0844 871 7650 (bkg fee) or the website at