Making music together

Brighton’s Hullabaloo Community Quire is looking for new members for the autumn ahead.

Spokesman Frankie Lawson said: “Glee and rock choirs have recently tapped into our ancient communal need to express ourselves and make music together. From football stadium to protest march there is nothing more empowering than voices raised in song.

“Brighton’s Hullabaloo Community Quire embodies this creative need. Hullabaloo is a much-loved and well-established a cappella community quire, who specialise in spine-tingling close harmony and innovative performances.

“One of Hullabaloo’s strengths lies in our diversity. Unlike many choirs, Hullabaloo does not stick to one predictable genre and does not rely on a backing band. In Hullabaloo, you are the musician.

“Our range of music is eclectic - from madrigal to Massive Attack, Reggae to Riot Grrl, Bush to Bowie and Folk to sweet, funky soul. Under expert musical direction, we produce cutting-edge a cappella that has a professional sound and is truly invigorating and joyful to be part of - ask a Hullabeanie!

“Songs of protest, passion and celebration from around the world; songs to make you laugh, cry, clap and shake your booty!

“On September 5 we start our autumn sessions and the first two weeks are open to all to come and sing and try us out. Singers can come and pay an open session fee, and journalists who want to experience the ‘Hulla vibe’ have a free pass for 7pm on Monday 5 at our regular venue. Hullabaloo Quire meets at Gloucester Place Baptist Church, Brighton.”