Memories of port’s pilot boat

Bailey 2012
Bailey 2012
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I WAS looking through some old photos the other day and I came across this polaroid of the pilot boat Meridian (picture 1) taken by the captain of the Danish ship that we were about to board.

I think it was in the winter of 1972 on a dirty day with the Capitaine le Geoff in the background.

Meridian was the first pilot boat at Newhaven that the pilots didn’t buy themselves, and it was built by Frank Rigden at the marina in 1972.

It was in commission until 1979 when it was replaced by the steel James Gefferson.

The Capitaine le Geoff, the SS Rennes, has since been located off the French coast and due acknowledgement to her presence given.

Photo No 2: I just had to squeeze this picture in.

The two shops to the immediate right (only one here) are being dealt a serious blow and it seems are now being returned to their original state, two very ordinary homes.

This seems to be the modern twist, convert them and be satisfied. I am using this picture for it has an alternate use, the size of the passage going up between them and the much larger cinema next door.

The scene is of Meeching Road, north end, and the fronts are being pulled down, revealing the previous occupants names, rather interesting.

But the width of the alleyway has not been revealed, it would allow a little over one cart.

This was shown when we had the fire at Amy’s Garage at the top of the road when the lady from the first shop down had to go back into her shop again to get the car keys.

She then ran down the road and up the rear drive to get her car out of the way, so the fire engine could go up to the fire.

I don’t know the names of the cycle club, they are local and little would they have known about that part of Meeching Road and what was to happen to it.

The frontage of the cinema is quite attractive.