Most expensive dogs and cats

Cost of a cat or dog: Nine of the most expensive breeds to own

Research shows that more than half (53%) of British pet owners underestimate the cost of owning a pet, which is now £1,340 a year.

By Juliet Mead
Thursday, 18th November 2021, 4:58 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th November 2021, 4:58 pm

Dogs are thought to cost £16,080 and cats £17,420 over their lifetime.

The study follows recent reports from shelters that they are struggling with lockdown pet-regret, namely a new trend in Brits disguising their dogs as strays in an attempt to surrender them. Similarly, Dogs Trust has experienced a 100 per cent increase in traffic to its ‘Giving up your dog’ page since Freedom Day.

Despite vet bills being one of the most expensive parts of pet ownership, more than two fifths (44%) of Brits admit to not having pet insurance, with half of owners paying £500 to £1,000 a year for medical bills out of their own pockets.

The report revealed how much on average pet owners spend on common pet expenses in a year as of 2021:

Medical bills excluding monthly insurance/petcare plans - £462.80

Food - £341.67

Flea/worm treatment - £164.72

Apparel - £41.55

Training/sitting/walking - £115.78

Insurance - £112.05

Dental treatments - £39.62

Vet checkups - £71.77

The average price of specialist treatment such as orthopaedic surgery was calculated to be £1,037.80, using price data from the Animal Trust. This expense was not taken into account when calculating the average annual cost of ownership because it is not considered a common expense.

On average, pet insurance costs £9.60 a month/£115.20 a year for a dog and £5.50 a month/£66 a year for a cat, with factors such as breed and age of the pet impacting the price.

Here are some of the most expensive breeds to insure and their average annual premiums, according to a Forbes Advisor’s pet insurance provider:

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