New light on the Pearlies

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013

Rouser’s May 31 picture of the Newhaven Pearly Kings entertaining at the piano was apparently taken at the Snowdrop in Lewes, according to reader Paul Woolmer.

He says: ‘The photograph shows two people that I knew. The tall man with the pint was George Hills from Plumpton and for many years chairman of Lewes Rowing Club.

‘The man with the pint, third from left, was Fred Dare, for many years a committee member of Lewes Rowing Club. The local pub for many of the rowing club men was the Snowdrop.

Because over the years many internal alterations took place at this pub it is difficult to be certain, but the chandelier at the back remarkably like the one that was in the lounge bar before the dividing wall was removed. Therefore I suggest the photograph was taken in the Snowdrop.

‘The Snowdrop was the local for over 50 years for the whole Woolmer family who lived at Wharf House in South Street. Frank Woolmer was a life member and also secretary to Lewes Rowing Club for a number of years.

‘George Hills, Fred Dare and Frank Woolmer (all now deceased) were the greatest of personal friends and also greatly respected friends of all the Woolmer family.

I hope this may throw some light on the article.’