Not all bombs that fell on Lewes were from the enemy

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013

Lewes had a scare on May 14, 1944, when a shell from firing practice came over the town from the south-east and lodged in the bank of the allotments near the hospital.

It exploded and a fragment struck a man who was working in his allotment and injured his arm - not seriously.

Friendly fire!

The information comes from a pamphlet called The War in East Sussex, produced by the Sussex Express at the end of World War Two.

Another odd story relates to a bomb, an enemy one this time, that fell through a house on Chapel Hill on October 5, 1940.

It failed to explode and was removed by a bomb disposal unit. For some peculiar reason the missile was presented to a little girl who was living in the said house with her mother after being bombed out of London.