Nudes, kidnaps and striped posts

FROM the pages of the Sussex Express, July 31, 1959:

* Slight improvement was reported at Lewes Victoria Hospital this week in the condition of a Beddingham man who was struck by an electric train at 8.30am on Thursday last week, while walking along the main London line near Landport, Lewes.

* Telscombe Parish Council heard complaints about nude sun bathing on the local beach. The chairman, Mr R. Kingham, warned the council they would have to be careful on this question or they would be called narrow minded.

* A Newhaven father claimed at Lewes Juvenile Court that the police had ‘kidnapped’ his 13-year-old daughter. The daughter was brought before the court as being in need of care and protection. The case was dismissed.

* A number of black and yellow striped posts which have sprouted in Lewes High Street are the forerunners to drastic curtailing of parking, expected to come into force soon.