Pat and Dave rock The Stables with laughter

Review: Probably the Best Comedy Songs in the World Ever, Maybe. The Stables Theatre.

AN evening of great hilarity was presented by two men, a piano and a variety of costumes at the Stables Theatre recently.

Dave Marsden and Pat Abernethy went through their repertoire of about twenty comic songs by the likes of Benny Hill, Lonnie Donegan, Bernard Cribbins, Kenneth Williams and Flanders and Swann.

Most of the old favourites were there from ‘Does your chewing gum lose its flavour’, Ernie the fastest milkman in the West, ‘I Tort I saw a Puddycat’, through to a comic version of the Banana Boat song.

Highlight of the evening was when a member of the audience was selected to play the Laughing Policeman, complete with helmet, and had to encourage the whole ensemble to laugh at the appropriate moment (and how well he did it too!).

Pat and Dave, two Irishmen, put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the small audience was thoroughly entertained.

Most of their renditions, all in their recognised voices and accents, were so familiar to the mainly older gathering that it was difficult not to sing along.

Catch them if they ever come this way again, you won’t be disappointed if you need a good laugh.

David Hollamby