Petty stories from the past

THE old stories are the best stories. At least that’s what Rouser believes. Take these short snippets from the pages of the Sussex County Herald, March 11, 1938:

Farm Labourer’s Car - When Arthur Jones was summoned for driving a motor car without being licensed and for failing to conform to a Halt traffic sign at Ditchling, it was stated that he was a farm labourer. He was driving a Wolsey car, obtained under the hire-purchase scheme, which has since been taken back.

One-Way Street At Lewes - When Sidney Owen of Brighton was summoned for contravening one-way street regulations when driving his car in Market Street, Lewes, Inspector Mockford said that numerous complaints had been received about cars going down that street the wrong way.

“Presently there will be a very serious accident through people not abiding by these regulations,” he said.

Maintenance Order Varied - Douglas Williams of Sidcup applied for a variation of a maintenance order for the payment of 10s a week to his wife Gladys ..... of Joys Farm, Chailey, on the grounds that his means had been decreased as he was unemployed.

The order was reduced to 2s 6d a week and the applicant intimated that he was not in a position to pay even that amount.

Saw Missing Watch Chain - Looking in a shop window in Lewes, a Firle man saw a watch chain which he had missed from his house over five months before. He informed the police and inquiries led to the appearance of his neighbour at Lewes Petty Sessions.