Priory - a place of peace

ROUSER recently had occasion to visit Wilmington Priory and what a tranquil spot it is. The Long Man is a stone’s throw away – as is the pub.

Wilmington was an alien Priory.

Such religious institutions were run by local incumbents, but dependent on parent houses, mostly situated in Normandy.

As such they were viewed with suspicion during the frequent wars with France during the Middle Ages and they were finally suppressed by Henry V in 1414.

Wilmington was a cell of the Benedictine Abbey of Notre-Dame de Grestain, situated near the mouth of the Seine.

It was run by the Sussex Archaeological Society until the 1990s when it passed to the Landmark Trust, which rescues historic buildings at risk.

There have been considerable improvements made and the fine, ancient building can now be rented all the year round, as can the Trust’s other Sussex property, nearby Laughton Place .

It carries Rouser’s mark of approval.