Quirky goings-on at the pub

Rouser 2012
Rouser 2012
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Piltdownis a quirky place - as this Express photograph taken in the local pub shows. The village publican appears to be sharing a drink with a plastic topless model!

The picture was taken in 1980.

Maybe there is something in the Piltdown air that prompts a leg-pull.

There was, of course, the famous Piltdown Man hoax.

And in more recent times an American gentleman wrote to the local newspaper asking if anyone else had witnessed what he had seen: a pterodactyl flapping its way leisurely over Piltdown Golf Course.

A section of the golf course is said to cover a ‘plague pit’, where the unfortunate local victims of the Black Death were buried in a mass grave, though others say the site is near the village stores.