Races, pears and gunnners

FROM the pages of the Lewes Journal, August 12, 1816:

l Our races last week were not productive of such capital sport as might have been expected. The Show Folk were sensible of the lack of money as we never saw the turf so shabbily covered with the moving machines of this description of Itinerants.

l Mr Ellman, grocer of the Cliffe, has imported from France a large assortment of the choicest pear trees, now many in full bearing.

l We have heard of no preparation among the Gunners for taking the field this day; we hope, therefore, that the feathered legions will be secure from their deadly shots for some time to come.

l Edward Poole, a pilot of Newhaven Port, while in his boat with two of his sons at sea, near the harbour, dropped down and instantly expired. Verdict: Died by the visitation of God.