Raw bones - a great name for a field

ONE Ernest Straker, writing to the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1935, had some interesting things to say on a certain obscure subject:

It is hardly realised that Sussex has, at a rough guess, some 200,000 fields, the majority of which have names which have been handed down for centuries.

Many dialect terms are preserved in field names, such as Lag, Pightle, Wish, Guzzle, Laine, Toll, Ersh, Clapper and Brook.

It would be of great interest if any reader could give a clue to the origin of the following: The Oneal, Angry Field, Venus Field, War Bugs, Sir John, The Dwin, Virgils Mead, Diogenes Meadow, Staggers Aven, Crooked Neals, Judas, The Delval, Tory Field, Leopards, Raw Bones, The Otie, Harnicle, Will the Weavel, The Waxes, Owls Entry, Neviletts.

* Rouser beleieves this would be a worthy subject for any would-be student of local history.