Robust athletes from The Pells

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013

Now and again a rare photograph comes Rouser’s way.

This picture - captioned as the Pells Boys School (Lewes), athletic team, 1930 - was sent in by Mrs Mary Barber of Hurstpierpoint who writes: “My late brother Frank Bennett is the one next to the teacher. Frank was six years older than me and was later to be killed at Kohima in

Burma in 1944.

“My family kept the Lewes Arms for about 50 years. I’ve recently had cuttings sent to me of your pages and one had Frank Jacobs featured. I used to know him. I wonder if he is still alive?”

The Pells seems to have been rather more than a primary school in 1930. Some of those boys look at least 14. Quite an array of trophies seem to have been won that year.

The teachers look pretty tough, too.