Rusty needle and a public thrashing

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From the pages of the Lewes Journal, February, 1817:

n On Friday, Mr T. Holmden, butcher of this town, in cutting the skin from a shirt of a bullock, observed in the middle of it a large rusty needle, which the animal had undoubtedly taken up with its food.

n As a mark of genuine benevolence, we have to notice the liberal donation of one pound, kindly sent towards the relief of the afflicted children of Mrs Wood, who fell a victim to the sweeps of Malling Mill [in Lewes].

n Several of the amateurs of bowling will regret to hear that all the bowls which were left in our green-house [in Lewes], together with the jacks, have been stolen.

n Last Thursday, James Cooper and Thomas Pollard, who were respectively convicted of larcenies, were publicly whipped at the Gates of the House of Correction.