Sad memories of Dieppe raid

JIM Franks of Lewes (Fitzroy House) has been recalling the topical subject of the Dieppe Raid.

He told Rouser: ‘During the war years I lived in Brighton and went to Varndean School with the expectation of military service when we left 6th form.

‘All the South Coast beaches were heavily mined and isolated with heavy barbed wire so sea-swimming was impossible. Some of us cycled up the London Road to Stroods Hotel where there was an open-air pool which was not infrequently used by Canadian troops who were billeted in Sussex.

‘Shortly after the Dieppe Raid a few of us were chatting with Canadian troops who had been on the raid, one of whom was in a state of shock.

During our chat they recounted their experiences, trying to involve their shell-shocked comrade who had a glazed expression.

‘Hopefully our chat helped him get it off his chest. He was almost certainly out of the war after his experience.’

Sad times.