She outlived her husband and all of her children

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013

This is ‘Mrs Gorringe’ of Heathfield. She was 103 when this picture was taken in about 1930.

She was the niece of fellow-Heathfield resident ‘Bodle’ Holmes who died at the age of 102.

Like Bodle, Mrs Gorringe was born in Heathfield, where she spent her whole life until retiring to Eastbourne at the age of 100.

She outlived two husbands and seven children - the dark side of living too long.

It was said that when this picture was taken, she retained her memory to a marked degree, and clearly recalled her first horseback ride, which her father gave her at the age of three.

She also had a vivid recollection of a souvenir mug presented to her when Queen Victoria ascended the throne.