The price of beer and wine

From the pages of the Lewes Journal, July, 1816:

l The rain of last week gave a seasonable stimulus to vegetation. The hay harvest is going on with alacrity, but we understand, from the mowers, that that the swath falls rather lightly over the scythe.

l Noblemen and Gentlemen in Lewes, curious in their wines, will shortly have the opportunity of furnishing themselves with rich Madeira and famous old Port.

l On Thursday last, a very fine Sloop was launched from the yard of Mr James Daly of Newhaven. She is called the Liberty and is considered the handsomest vessel ever built at that place.

l The war tax on Malt has at length expired, and our brewers, in consequence, last week lowered the price of their strong beer to six shillings the hogshead.