The riddle of the Downs time forgot

ROUSER 2011:
ROUSER 2011:

FORGET UFOs. Express photographer Peter Cripps was in an aeroplane 1,00ft above Lewes when he took this picture of a mystery mound. Mysterious as far as Rouser is concerned. But someone will probably know better.

It the most distinct of three mounds adjacent to the motor road leading up to Lewes racecourse. Nevill estate homes can be seen in the background.

Rouser believes it is the remains of an Iron Age burial mound. But how come it is not more widely known? There is also a trench around the mound’s periphery, and a depression in the middle.

Altogether a mystery. Here we have a 30s housing estate alongside a man-made mound perhaps pre-dating it by at least 2,000 years. It makes one wonder.

Have Peter and Rouser stumbled on something ancient and hitherto unknown? Right on the town’s doorstep.

The mound has two neighbours on either side. But they are indistinct. Perhaps there are more in the vicinity.

Rouser will be featuring more of Peter’s strange aerial discoveries in the weeks to come.