The tree and the pub live on

Eastgate Street in Lewes
Eastgate Street in Lewes
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PIC (please use pic intact to the right)

Yes, this is Eastgate Street in Lewes. The photograph was take by Bartlert in around 1900.

The tree looks familiar. It’s still there, as is the Volunteer Inn, pictured to the right.

In this area in medieval times stood the East Gate in the town wall.

No record of it has survived, except that it is known that the Church of the Holy Trinity adjoined it on the site of the premises at the bottom of School Hill.

According to Davey’s Street Names of Lewes, the roads running to the north and south were originally open spaces within the wall, which were a customary feature of medieval fortifications.

A public weighing machine was once in general use adjacent to the Volunteer Inn and the name of Weigh Scale Corner persisted long after the machine had disappeared.