Three cottages that have stood the test of time

ROUSER, for reason he can’t now entirely fathom, has recently been writing about Sellens Cottages in East Hoathly.

And Barbara Pankhurst (nee Marchant) has this to say about the rural idyll.

‘Just to let you know my grandparents, George and Violet Marchant, lived in the right hand cottage from the 20s to the 50s, followed by my parents Charles and Mary Marchant from 1956 to 1965.

‘I can remember a Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roffey living in No. 1 and a George and Sheila Burtenshaw, followed by Cliff and Edie Berry, in No.2

‘No. 3 was condemned for habitation in 1965 due to the chimney and outer wall being unsafe. However, 47 years later, they are both still standing!

‘The large stone bricks you mention in your article were used as a boundary wall, together with a large fig tree, to shield the outside toilet from the house. My father, who is now 92 and living in Horam, kept a beautiful garden there of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

‘We believe it once was used as a coaching house in days gone by, where horses were changed on their way to and from London. This was evident at the back of the property.’

Over and out.