Top comedian Al Murray has audience in stitches

I WAS LAUGHING so much I think I actually sat and cried at one point, during comedian Al Murray hilarious performance at the Theatre Royal Brighton on Monday.

The pub landlord brought his Barrel of Fun extra to a packed audience in Brighton, sharing his thoughts on the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish, as well as giving some of the younger audience members a lesson in history.

Grasping a pint of beer, Al Murray launched his usual tirade of abuse, I mean, inquisitive questions, at the audience, buying one couple drinks, while taking another man’s tenner.

The brilliant show saw Al talk about everything from global warming to a PC-world gone mad.

It was refreshing, funny and everything you would expect from this top comedian.

The audience howled as he delivered his classic hit lines, such as ‘beautiful British name’ and ‘you the beautiful British public.’

He chastised a young lad for drinking a vodka and lemonade instead of a manly pint, twice during the evening, each time confiscating his drink, which had the audience in stitches.

And right at the very end, Al turned the show on its head, asking the audience to fire question at him for once.

It was absolutely brilliant, the audience were in high spirits, and I was sad when the show ended.

Let’s hope Al Murray returns to the Theatre Royal again next year – and if he does, don’t miss out!