TREVOR WEEKS MBE - Birds attacked by cats keep WRAS rescue team busy

Gary the Gosling with new friends
Gary the Gosling with new friends

Big thank you to everyone who came along to our display at Lush in the Arndale Centre in Eastbourne on Saturday, your support is really needed as we are extremely busy.

Also thank you to those who took part in the Stoolball Tournament at the weekend raising over £300 for WRAS too.

Baby Tawny Owl

Baby Tawny Owl

Ambulances have been all over the place this week dealing with numerous calls, and due to how busy we have been we have also had to ask people to deliver some casualties. Six baby voles have been delivered from a garden next to Raystede. Sadly one didn’t make it, but the other five have gone home with our Centre Manager Lindsay to give them some one-on-one care.

Other calls have included a baby bird in Bexhill; several cat attacked birds in Hastings and Battle; a blue tit in Willingdon; a nest of blackbirds that have fallen in a pond and a baby magpie in Bexhill. Rescuers also managed to free a bird stuck in a chimney in Eastbourne as well as attending a late night call to a hedgehog brought into a pub in Eastbourne by a dog.

Luckily no injuries and just disturbed by the dog, the hedgehog was lactating so we released so she could return and look after her babies. Ambulances have driven all over East Sussex including to deal with a cat attacked baby rabbit in Buxted, a call to a collapsed fox in Bexhill, a dog attacked hedgehog in Firle Estate, and a cat attacked magpie in Hailsham, to name a few. There are just simply too many to mention here. Oh and we did have a nest of 6 blue tit nestlings that were brought to us after their nest inside an air conditioning unit was disturbed and the parents then abandoned them.

Little Izzy has been returned home to the Laughing Fish Pub at Isfield this week. She was the baby found with her head and a front leg through the loop of a Christmas bauble last year. She was very small when found and had to be rushed to the vets for an emergency anaesthetic to have the bauble removed and her injuries cleaned up. Unfortunately she did not put on enough weight to be released before Christmas and ended up over wintering with us. This week, after some time outside acclimatising and getting used to finding food, she was soft released back at the Laughing Fish pub.

We had a gosling in from some lakes near Hampden Park last week. He was separated from his parents who disappeared leaving him behind on his own. Named ‘Gary the gosling’ he has now been taken up to his new home at Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue, where they also had a lone gosling.

He was a little weary when he arrived but when he was placed in his new run he ran straight up to the other gosling, who is slightly bigger than him. The bigger one immediately started to look after him and defended him against the inquisitive ducklings. Thank you to Sam at Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue for helping out.

We have this little young tawny owl who was found by the side of the road. The finder very kindly delivered him to our Casualty Centre and the owl is now being reared by our baby bird team.

So I send rescuer Chris out to assess a hedgehog at Polegate, only for him to come away with three! Limpy, Chesty and Mangy – this month’s theme for names is Disney, and yes I know they are not proper dwarf names but it’s close!

Limpy turned out not to be limping so is going to be returned and released, but Chesty and Mangy are being treated for their problems. Amazingly we have now had two more from the same garden, including the real Limpy too!

We have a second young badger which has also come into care, thought to be one of last year’s badgers. He was found in the car park at the East Sussex National Golf Course where I managed to rescue him with the help of Dilly and Robert. He had a territorial bite wound to his rump which one of the vets at Henley House Vets in Uckfield has managed to clean up under anaesthetic.

n This weekend we are running our sponsored walk from Belle Tout lighthouse near Birling Gap to Holywell. If you are interested in taking part please call Lindsay on 01825-873003 and help raise as much money as possible for WRAS, especially as three of our ambulances are all going into the garage for repairs and maintenance over the next couple of weeks – including the rebuilding of the gear box on one of the ambulances meaning the van will be off the road for several days.

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