Waiting for the bus really is an art

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013
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Examine this picture carefully and you will see Lewes artist Julian Bell and his painting of the town’s bus station! The odd thing is that the photograph shows the painting in the position in which Julian created it.

Also in the picture is Peter Colesworthy, then owner of the upstairs Bus Stop cafe.

Julian has been on the Lewes art scene for more than 30 years and makes a habit of faithfully describing the people and the buildings that make up his home town.

One of his most recent canvases depicts an imaginary town meeting of public-spirited citizens gathered to discuss and argue over proposals for Lewes’s future. Julian invited various friends and acquaintances - including Rouser - to sit and be sketched in his studio. The completed work presents a composite portrait of them in an imaginary room that loosely echoes the town hall’s council chamber.

That’s imagination for you.