Watching TV in Newhaven

The Journal of the Newhaven Historicial Society, edited by Ian Everest, is a good deal livelier than its title suggests.

The current issue contains the following timely clipping from the Sussex Express of February, 1953:

‘Sitting comfortably besides the fire at his home last Saturday afternoon, a resident of Newhaven viewed the whole of the amateur football match between England and Wales in London.

‘Impossible, you might think, but if you ask Mr E.Gunn of 13 Meeching Road, he will tell you that he did see the match and yet never stirred out of doors.

‘The solution to the mystery lies in the fact that Mr Gunn recently had installed Newhaven’s first television set, giving outstanding results.

‘Newhaven - 53 miles from Alexandra Park, where the television studios are situated - is in what is known as a fringe area for television purposes.

‘Mr Gunn is delighted with the new set and is looking forward to the day when he can view the FA Cup Final without having to queue for an hour or more beforehand, and in the company of his own home.’

How times change!