What’s the secret to long life

Rouser 2013
Rouser 2013

This is good old Bodle Holmes, a 106-year-old resident of Heathfield.

The picture was taken of him in May, 1885.

He was well known for lookng older than his age! He was finally buried in Heathfield churchyard.

It was said that at his centenary, residents clubbed together and sent the old man to Tunbridge Wells for a break. That was the first time in which he had ever travelled by train.

The old man occasionally engaged in drinking too much at the nearby Half Moon and was sometimes picked up intoxicated by the side of the

road. Because there were no cars in those days, he came to no harm.

He enjoyed a bacheor existence and was said to a distinct aversion to work.

Perhaps that was the secret of his long life.