When cattle were sold at weekly market

Rouser 2012
Rouser 2012

IT IS 20 years since the Lewes Cattle Market finaly closed. Rouser remembers it well. He used to drop in weekly to talk to the cows after a fruitless bidding session at the adjacent antiique auction rooms.

The earliest minutes of the company date from November, 1877, when a meeting was held of local people who wanted to move the cattle market from the High Street to a more suitable site.

The original market caused an obstruction, and was unhygienic and dangerous to the general public.

The ‘new’ one ran for nigh on 100 years before it was closed due to falling volumes of livestock This Express photograph shows the market in full sway in 1980. It seems hard to believe that Lewes not that long ago had a bustling trading centre for live cattle.

And many will remember there the part-time farmers’ pub which had an exterior sign on the building saying something to the effect of ‘pigs to the left, cows to the right’!