When dogs pulled fish

Who remembers dog-drawn fish carts?

No-one.They stopped being used more than 100 years ago.

One Edward Shoosmith of Halland once wrote the following to the Sussex County Magazine: ‘My father, born in 1831, spoke of remembering dog-drawn carts and especially of one which used to pass along the road from Upper Dicker towards Alfriston.

“The idea conveyed by my father was that the dogs used to enjoy their outings so much that they raced up the hill between High Barn and Wick Street, just beyond the little stream which is a tributary rivulet of the Cuckmere, giving tongue so joyously that one could hear them coming a long way off.

“I cannot remember the name of the man who drove this team of dogs. In my mind they were a string of four mastiffs, harnessed in pairs.

“Might this have been one of the Brighton fish carts which came as far as Upper Dicker and returned via Alfriston, Seaford and Newhaven.How much better it was to allow dogs to do some useful work rather than keep them chained to kennels; how senseless and misguided has been the foolish legislation that prohibited their use as carriers of light merchandise.’

Edward had a point.