When the tide provided power

Rouser 2012
Rouser 2012
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THE hamlet of Tide Mills, between Newhaven and Seaford, is still to be seen in its ruinous state.

But this is how it looked in its heyday.

As mentioned in Sussex Coast by Douglas d’Enno, the hamlet, established in the 18th century, was a self-contained community which, in the time of miller William Catt, boasted a mill house, workers’ cottages and three gates that were locked each night at 10pm to keep labourers from drinking too long in the neighbouring towns.

At Tide Mills was the largest water mill in Sussex, using tidal energy for 16 hours a day. It ceased milling in about 1876.

The windmill, pictured, was used for hoisting grain to the granary.

Today the sole remains of the once busy hamlet, closed in 1936 and demolished as a defence measure in 1940, are broken walls and exposed foundations. The creek area, however, is a popular visitors’ destination.

Perhaps Tide Mills should be given a new lease of life.