Why some don’t appear on memorials

Message from Dave Dyer: “Did you know that Hellingly was the first village in the district to complete a war memorial (Sussex Express, September 20, 1919).”

And he adds: “You might be interested in my comments on why some names do not appear on war memorials as it is very apparent to me that families had a choice.

“As you said recently, relatives might not want to be reminded of their loss every time they went past the memorial and this can be readily understood.

“Equally, relatives might feel that their men were more associated with another town and prefer to have them remembered there instead.

“Often widows would move away or go back home to Mum and there was no-one left behind to justify having their husband’s name included.

“I have also found that some relatives were embarrassed with their hudband being commemorated because they were not killed in action, but subsequently died of TB or some other disease after the war.

“Sometimes names get forgotten, particularly if they died early in the war.”

Dave adds: “I approve of names being added subsequently, as is being requested in Lewes, but just point out that there could have been other reasons involved.”