Wolf, mendicant, hogs and vermin

FROM the pages of the Lewes Journal, July 1, 1816:

l The reputed wolf, we apprehend, has been driven from his haunts in the neighbourhood, where he has not been seen of late.

l The following melancholy incident happened last Saturday night: As Mr W. Guy of the Chalvington Lime Kilns was returning home from the tithe feast held at Chiddingly, he fell from his horse and was yesterday morning found lying dead in the road with his neck dislocated.

l On Monday evening last last, as a little girl named Edwards was proceeding to Ringmer from this town, she was stopped some little distance from Malling Hill by a fellow having the appearance of a mendicant, who robbed her of eighteen pence.

l The breed of hogs has of late been greatly increased. Bad as the times are, we are glad to hear that almost every peasant with a family has now his store pig.

l The rain of last week gave a seasonable stimulus to vegetation; and we should hope that the hops, which the late dry weather had nearly covered with vermin, are much benefitted by it.

l The hay harvest is going on with alacrity in this neighbourhood, but we understand from the Mowers that the Swath falls rather lightly over the Scythe.