Wreck off Seaford

A FINE new book, Shipwrecks Of Sussex (The History Press) by Wendy Hughes, tells the story of local maritime disasters of yesteryear.

One incident that caught Rouser’s eye was the wreck of the steam trawler Gamecock off Seaford in 1908.

She was on her way to Hull with a cargo of fish. Her fate was sealed in rough seas when she ran out of coal.

Rockets carrying rescue lines to the stricken vessel were fired from the beach and the crew were brought ashore by breeches buoy. The Gamecock finally came ashore by itself. Her catch of fish remained aboard, stinking and rotting, until one day the boys from the Tidemill community decided to attack their rivals, the Seaford gang, with a fishy bombardment!

Eventually the trawler was refloated by Newhaven tugs but sadly, after she was patched up at Newhaven, she took off for the North Sea and was never seen again.