Storm Ciarán makes Chichester flood defence company 'unable to cope'

The flood defence in action.The flood defence in action.
The flood defence in action.
Floodstop UK, based in Chichester has said that their website traction has gone up ‘by over 70%’ in the last few weeks.

Floodstop are a family-run business that take pride in offering a first-class service as one of the leading companies in the UK for flood barriers and defence systems.

Sandie Savage, the owner of Floodstop UK said: “ Every customer has a story to tell, it's really sad. Normally with bad weather it’s just one area, now it seems to be that the flooding is everywhere.

"I'm scared of the rain. I have nightmares when I can hear the rain about people being really scared, it’s gutting.”

The owner spoke to us about the importance of having the right team to deal with customers in the best way possible.

She also added: “You can't just take someone on to learn how to answer the phone and talk to people about what they're going through.

“It takes a long time to learn everything. There are only three of us now, it’s so difficult and we can’t speak to everyone, I wish we could. People are just constantly leaving messages at the moment.

"Our website traffic has increased by 89%, which is shocking. The good thing, though, is that people are becoming aware that they can protect their homes and businesses.”

“It really upsets me when we speak to people in their 70s and 80s in particular, they’ve spent their life getting their house together and it’s all ruined so quickly.”