10 words you won't hear outside Sussex

Following concerns that the famous Sussex trug may be under threat, due to fewer craftsmen and women making these sturdy wooden baskets, we have looked at another aspect of Sussex life that is disappearing - words only found in the county.

A twitten

To start with, we asked our Facebook audience to come up with some words that you can only find in the county.

There was a great reaction and plenty of suggestions made, although not all of them were strictly Sussex-only words and phrases!

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The most popular word mentioned by numerous people was Twitten, which, as many seemed to know, is a narrow path between two walls or hedges (and a word still used).

From the various suggestions provided, we have selected ten of the most interesting words.

Our language is an ever-changing one, so we were happy to hear from one reader who suggested Dandydills (for daffodils) - not an old word as far as we are aware, but worth including from her four-year-old (born and bred in Sussex)!

1 Fret - a sea fog

2 Spadger - sparrow

3 Dinlow - idiot

4 Boffle - a mistake

5 Jiggered - had enough

6 Kiddy - friend or workmate

7 Snags - snails

8 Somewhen - sometime

9 Went (or wentways) - crossroads

10 Mung - to have a look around