14 arrests made during Lewes Bonfire

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A total of 30,000 people turned out for Lewes Bonfire Celebrations yesterday on Tuesday November 5.

Sussex Police reported the number of people attending was around the same as last year, as was the number of arrests and injuries.

Officers made 14 arrests during the night, two for throwing fireworks and others for drunk and disorderly and public order offences.

There were no serious incidents of violence or disorder.

The event’s police commander Superintendent Laurence Taylor said: “The Lewes Bonfire continues to be an incredibly popular event.

“At public events of this size there is always the potential for incidents of criminal activity and antisocial behaviour.

“The policing of this event involves months of preparation, planning and consultation with the bonfire societies, the other emergency services and partners with the main aim being to help provide a safe environment for the participants and spectators on the night.

“Around 18,000 people travelled into Lewes by train and officers from both British Transport Police and Sussex Police were on hand to help manage the crowds and minimise the risk of injuries and damage to property.

“I would particularly like to thank the stewards who worked really hard along the processional route and made sure there were no crowd issues resulting in people being injured.”

South East Coast Ambulance Service and St John Ambulance treated 86 people, with four people needing hospital treatment. None of the injuries were believed to be serious.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue reported a quiet night and dealt with six incidents, one of which was an out of control bonfire at a commercial premises.

At 7.55pm fire fighters were called to a bonfire in Morris Road, Lewes.

Crews from Lewes and Hove attended and extinguished the blaze.

Lewes firefighters attended St Anne’s Crescent at 9.18pm and used a hose reel to put out torches.

And at 10.28pm ambulance crews reported torches alight in the street in White Hill in Lewes.

Firefighters attended and found that the torches had been extinguish prior to their arrival.

Then At 10.42pm, firefighters from Lewes gave first aid to a man suffering from burns.

St John Ambulance then took over looking after him.