20 top Tweets about Tim Peake

Astronaut Tim Peake is trending on Twitter at the moment as many thousands of people take to the social media network to express their feelings.

Tim Peake. Photo: ESA
Tim Peake. Photo: ESA

Here are our 20 ‘best of...’ Tweets that we’ve spotted:

- Good luck to you Major Tim Peake as you return to Earth in a couple of hours time

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- Someone tell Tim Peake he needs to pick up milk and cat food on his way home

- An amazing journey by an amazing man.. Safe trip back down to earth (Sir) Tim Peake

- Why’s Tim Peake coming down in Kazakhstan?....He’s from Chichester, could they not have got a bit nearer? We’ve got a big field by ours.

- #TimPeake is on his way back to Earth. My little girl has her binoculars out!

- Morning! Incredible scenes of #TimPeake capsule making its return to Earth! One amazing trip that has done so much for Britain’s space age!

- Morning all and if Tim Peake’s capsule lands in your back garden give him a cup of tea......

- 6 months worth of match of the day to catch up on @astro_timpeake we were all winding you up when we said Leicester won the league.

- I hope Tim Peake didn’t leave a light on last December.

- Find it funny that with all our #space #tech return to #Earth is #falling at the end of string and a sheet!

- @astro_timpeake safe trip Tim - thank you for sharing your journey with us.

- @astro_timpeake’s return is a joyous bright spark amidst gloom. All possible through international teamwork.

- Safe free fall @astro_timpeake u flew the union flag the highest & have done us all proud. Ur truly some1 2 look up 2 #WelcomeHomeTim

- Dear @astro_timpeake and @NASA, you have been incredible, safe journey home - kettle’s on!

- He’s coming home. He’s coming home. He’s coming. Tim Peake’s coming home.

- What does @astro_timpeake do when he gets home? And I wonder if he feels like it’s been like an extreme version of #bigbrother.

- @astro_timpeake Astonishingly unforgettable experience. Safe trip home Check ignition & may God’s love be with you.

- It’s lucky Tim Peake wasn’t flying Easyjet. if he had the same experience as my wife.... he’d still be up there

- Watching Tim Peake coming home Live - safe trip home. It’s been an amazing six months following you around our amazing planet, thank you.

- I bet @astro_timpeake didn’t expect to arrive back in the 1980s... @rickastley number 1 in the album chart!