200 tonnes of straw ablaze at Ringmer barn fire

Fire fighters are still tackling a barn fire at Little Heaven Farm in Ringmer which tore through 200 tonnes of straw at midnight today (Friday April 10).

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service was called to the scene in New Road at a few minutes after midnight and remains on site.

Barn fire, Ringmer

Barn fire, Ringmer

According to Sussex Police New Road is currently closed while the blaze is dealt with.

They sent four fire engines, a Land Rover and a water bowser, a kind of mobile storage facility for water.

The barn measured 30m by 50m. A passer-by spotted the blaze and alerted the emergency services, who sent fire crews from Lewes, Brighton, Uckfield and Heathfield.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Mobilising and Communications Centre staff successfully informed the farmer of the incident, after spending an hour trying to locate him.

Barn fire, Ringmer

Barn fire, Ringmer

Cattle in the neighbouring shed were unaffected by the fire and did not have to be removed. No-one was injured.

A spokesperson for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “We have still have fire engines there now and we probably will have for a while to be honest.

“When there’s that much hay you can’t put the fire out that quickly.

“Sometimes it can take days to put out, especially when the hay has been baled.

“We had one barn fire where it took four or five days to put out.”

At this stage it is not known what caused the fire.